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When I moved into my current home, I spent a lot of time cleaning the existing flooring. The kitchen, mudroom, and bathrooms all contained linoleum floors. The rest of the home was carpeted. No matter how hard I worked, I failed to remove the hairspray from the linoleum flooring in the bathrooms. I also could never remove the stains out of the carpet. Thankfully, I decided to I replace my carpet and linoleum floors with hardwood ones a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve been able to simplify the cleaning process. I spend much less time scrubbing floors; and, my floors look cleaner than they ever did before. On this blog, you will learn the benefits of purchasing hardwood flooring.

4 Tips For Combining Hardwoods Of Different Colors For Patterns And Designs In Flooring


If you want to have new custom wood floors installed in your home, you may want to combine colors of materials for patterns and decoration. Some of this can be done with stains, but for more colors and textures, you may want to use a variety of different woods. Using different woods will give you a pallet of colors and textures to choose from for unique hardwood floors. Here are some tips to help you with choosing the best materials for hardwood floors with different colors for design:

1. Choosing Floors With A Similar Hardness For Even Wear

There are many different types of wood flooring materials, which can vary in hardness. If you want your floors to even well and have few problems with things like cracks, you will want to use materials that have similar traits, such as using all hardwoods and avoiding softer materials. You can compare the hardness of woods and choose materials with similar traits and different colors and textures.

2. Keep Colors That Bleed Away From Lighter Colored Woods

There are many different colors of hardwood flooring that you can use in your home. Some of these colors are fine to mix with light and dark tones, but some may cause problems. Often, woods with red colors or deep, dark tones can cause bleeding of colors when treatments are applied to them. You will want to avoid this by keeping these colors separate from lighter, white woods. If you do use them near each other, use masking tape to protect the lighter colored woods when treatments and sealants are applied.

3. Use A Clear Stain And Finish To Preserve The Natural Colors And Textures

If you have gone through the trouble of choosing woods for colors, textures and custom designs, you do not want to change the look when stains and sealants are applied. You can use a clear sealant to preserve the natural color of woods, but be careful. Some chemical treatments may cause discoloration of wood. Before you apply any treatment, take small pieces of scrap to test the chemicals and make sure they do not affect the appearance of the wood once they are applied.

These are some tips that will help you choose the best materials for your hardwood floors to have colorful designs with different tones and textures. If you are ready to have new wood floors with a colorful custom designs, contact a hardwood flooring service and talk with them about some of these solutions for your new flooring.

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13 April 2016