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When I moved into my current home, I spent a lot of time cleaning the existing flooring. The kitchen, mudroom, and bathrooms all contained linoleum floors. The rest of the home was carpeted. No matter how hard I worked, I failed to remove the hairspray from the linoleum flooring in the bathrooms. I also could never remove the stains out of the carpet. Thankfully, I decided to I replace my carpet and linoleum floors with hardwood ones a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve been able to simplify the cleaning process. I spend much less time scrubbing floors; and, my floors look cleaner than they ever did before. On this blog, you will learn the benefits of purchasing hardwood flooring.

Concrete Wall Tiles Could Be The Perfect Choice For Your Bathroom Upgrade


When you renovate your bathroom to give it a luxury upgrade, you might want to look into putting concrete tiles on the walls. Concrete tiles are thin, so they are fairly lightweight, and they can be made into different shapes and colors. Here are some reasons to consider concrete for your bathroom walls.

The Tiles Can Be Custom-Made

You have a lot more choices when it comes to using concrete for your walls. You won't have to settle for buying ceramic or porcelain tiles off the shelf. Instead, you can create a design that is uniquely you. The tiles can be made into any shape, and they can be customized when it comes to color too. You could even paint the tiles yourself if you have an artistic touch and want an artistic scene on your walls.

Concrete wall tiles are polished, so they have a glossy sheen and are just as beautiful as other stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles. However, one benefit to choosing concrete is that you have the look of a luxury wall material at a lower cost. Plus, concrete can be used anywhere so that you can extend the same or similar look to your flooring as well.

Concrete Wall Tiles Are Easy To Maintain

While concrete flooring may need more maintenance due to the foot traffic it receives, concrete wall tiles need very little care. They are sealed to protect them from moisture, and since the walls don't get much wear and tear, the sealcoat lasts much longer than it would on a countertop or floor. Concrete wall tiles can be wiped down to keep them clean and sanitary, and you don't have to worry about the humidity in the room bothering them. Plus, concrete resists fire, so the tiles add a layer of protection to your home.

Concrete Can Be Recycled

Concrete tiles are often made locally, and from recycled materials, so they are usually an environmentally-friendly building material. If you renovate again in the future, your old concrete tiles can be recycled again to create a new concrete product. If using green building materials is important to you, and you're concerned about protecting the environment, then choosing concrete tiles for your walls and flooring may appeal to you from an environmental standpoint too.

Although concrete wall tiles are thin, they are still a little heavier than traditional bathroom tiles, but the tiles are still easy to install, and they can make your bathroom look beautiful. Polished concrete has a deep luster and unique color veins that make it an attractive material that's perfect for a luxury bath.

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18 March 2018