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When I moved into my current home, I spent a lot of time cleaning the existing flooring. The kitchen, mudroom, and bathrooms all contained linoleum floors. The rest of the home was carpeted. No matter how hard I worked, I failed to remove the hairspray from the linoleum flooring in the bathrooms. I also could never remove the stains out of the carpet. Thankfully, I decided to I replace my carpet and linoleum floors with hardwood ones a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve been able to simplify the cleaning process. I spend much less time scrubbing floors; and, my floors look cleaner than they ever did before. On this blog, you will learn the benefits of purchasing hardwood flooring.

Cleaning Your Own Air Ducts: What You Should Know


Air duct cleaning is something every homeowner should have done at least once per year. Cleaning the air ducts can help improve your indoor air, making it cleaner and healthier for you to breathe. If you have never had your air ducts cleaned, you should have them cleaned by a professional company, but there are also things you can do to clean your ducts and improve your air as well. Read on for tips and information about cleaning your air ducts yourself.

Clean The Vents

Every single vent, register and air return in your home should have the covers removed and washed thoroughly in warm, soapy water. Clean the vents and remove as much dust and debris as you can from these vents. Some may be covered in dirt and dust, so use a soft-bristle brush to remove what you can, without scratching the vents. Leave them out to dry when finished.

Vacuum The Vent/Return Openings

Use a shop vacuum to clean inside the air vent and return openings. Use a long extension hose on the vacuum to get deep inside the openings so you can get into the duct work. You aren't going to be able to reach too far inside, but you can get a lot out of these areas that may be built up inside. Go all around your house, repeating the process for each and every vent and return in your home.

Change The Air Filter

The air filter(s) in your system is responsible for trapping dust and allergens in your home. When this filter becomes covered in dust, it won't be able to trap as many allergens and can result in more allergens being spread throughout your system and throughout your entire home. Replace the old air filter with a new one, at least once per month.

Clean Your HVAC Systems

Clean your HVAC systems with the shop vacuum to remove dust, dirt and other debris that may be trapped inside and could be causing these allergens to get into your home. Open up your furnace after turning it off and vacuum out the inside. You can spray your exterior condensing unit down with a garden hose to remove allergens or gently vacuum the fins on the unit. 

If you aren't a professional HVAC technician, you are not going to be able to get deep inside your duct work to clean them out properly. If this is your need, hire a professional that specializes in air duct cleaning to deep-clean your air ducts. Otherwise, use the tips above to clean your ducts, vents and systems, in between these deep cleanings.


20 June 2019