Three Wood Alternatives For New Hardwood Flooring In Your Home


Hardwood flooring can be a great addition to your home, it can also be a costly material to have installed. There are many choices of materials, and not all of them have to be real wood. You can choose from bamboo, vinyl, synthetics and engineered lumber for your wood floors. Here are some of the alternatives to conventional hardwood that you may want to use for your new floors: 1. Bamboo And Natural Hardwood Alternatives

19 October 2015

Are You Considering Hardwood Flooring? Discover the Pros & Cons


Are you tired of allergens getting trapped in the carpet in your house? It may be a good idea to consider removing the carpet and getting hardwood flooring installed, as the investment comes along with many benefits. Find out in this article about a few of the pros and cons for hardwood flooring as well as what the installation is estimated to cost. What Kind of Pros & Cons Should Be Considered for Hardwood Flooring?

25 August 2015

Remodeling Your Basement? 5 Reasons To Use Carpeting


When it comes time to remodel your basement, you will have to make a decision about what kind of flooring to have installed.  Some common options you will have to pick between are hardwood flooring, tile, and carpeting. Thankfully, carpeting can work great in your basement for the following reasons. Carpet Will Improve Your Basement's Acoustics A problem with having a finished basement is that it tends to have poor acoustics, or echo when making noise.

22 June 2015

Comparing Solid And Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring can be broadly categorized into two main categories independent of the species of tree used – engineered and solid. Both of these types of hardwood flooring are manufactured in different ways, which means that they also provide a number of different benefits to your home. Understanding the differences between the two types of hardwood flooring can help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Solid Hardwood Flooring

9 June 2015

A Step-By-Step Guide To Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles


Vinyl floor tiles are a very popular flooring option for homeowners who are looking for an easy-to-maintain, affordable flooring material. To make things even better, these tiles can often be installed on a DIY basis without the need for expensive equipment or advanced construction skills. In fact, with the help of the step-by-step guide below, you will be able to complete this installation in just five easy steps. Step 1: Gather Your Materials

28 April 2015

3 Materials to Use With Hardwood Flooring for Inserts & Patterns


If you want to have new hardwood flooring installed in your home, there are many different choices of materials. This can allow for things like inserts and patterns that give your hardwood flooring a unique look. Some materials work better than others of these features and you will want to be sure that the woods have similar hardness. If you want to use different woods for inserts and patterns, here are three options that could work for you.

18 March 2015

Two Questions About Refinishing Wood Floors Answered


Wooden floors are a common feature in many homes, and while these floors can provide you with a beautiful interior, it is vital to regularly perform maintenance on them to keep them in good condition. In particular, refinishing the floors is one of the most important steps you can take to protect them from a variety of types of damage. However, new homeowners may not be familiar with this type of maintenance, but understanding the answers to the following routine questions will help you better understand this process.

12 March 2015