Placing Carpeting Over Wood Flooring? Tips For Installing The Tack Strips


Looking to cover up your hardwood flooring with carpeting? If so, you'll need to install tack strips around the room for the carpeting to attach to. A tack strip is a quart inch thick piece of wood that has tacks sticking out of it, which protects the hardwood flooring and keeps the carpeting stretched. Here is how you install these strips: Tools and Materials Before you can get started, you'll need several tools and materials to get this job done.

6 December 2017

Four Reasons To Choose Natural Stone Tile For Your Bathroom Floor


When the time comes to choose your new bathroom floor, you might be overwhelmed by all of the options. There's laminate, bamboo, wood, and so many different types of tile! But whether you have a rustic bathroom or a more modern one, there is one flooring option that really stands out from the rest: natural stone tile. Here are four reasons to strongly consider this option for your bathroom. It's good for the planet.

15 October 2017